Detailed Overview of Socioeconomic State of Romulus, Michigan

Romulus that is a suburban area of Metro Detroit is located in Wayne County of the Michigan state in the United States.

The official town organization took place in 1835, after the first settler, Samuel Polyne, arrived there in 1826. The city was incorporated as a separate administrative municipality in 1970.

The total area of the city is approximately 93.14 square kilometers, 92.23 square kilometers of which are covered by land and the rest of 0.91 square kilometers by water. Romulus is located 201 meters above the sea level.

By 2010, the population of the city has reached 23.989 people, that has made Romulus the 80th largest city of the United States. Out of those, 50.5% were White, 43% were African American, 1.1% Asian, 0.5% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and the rest 4.8% of other ethnic groups.

On August 9, 2005, the chemical plant explosion took place that caused respiratory problems. Even though no one was injured, all citizens of Romulus and Wayne were evacuated to Oakwood Annapolis Hospital.

After February 2012, the city council had to close all parks of the city to keep the financial stability of the town. However, the Mary Ann Banks Park & Historical Park was reconstructed and reopened in 2011. Parks were rebuilt, some of them were even constructed from scratch and officially opened by 2015. Those include Elmer Johnson Park, Eugenio Fernandez Park, Mary Ann Banks Park, Oakbrook Neighborhood Park, Romulus Historical Park, St. Johns Lodge No.#44 Park.

The Romulus Community School District or RCS that is located at 36540 Grant Road provides education to children of Romulus and other nearby communities. The RCS consists of Romulus Senior High School, Romulus Middle School, and Barth, Halecreek, Romulus, Wick elementary schools. Summit Academy Schools opened in 1996 has approximately 250 students and 100% university acceptance rate. That was included at the top schools of Michigan. Moreover, the Wayne-Westland Community Schools that is located in Westland, Michigan concludes Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary School situated in Wayne, Adams Upper Elementary School in Westland, Franklin Middle School in Wayne, Wayne Memorial High School from Wayne city as well.

Romulus Engine, an automobile engine factory, produces General Motors products in Romulus, Michigan. It was established in 1976 and is now generating a significant part of the city's budget. The company employed over 867 workers by 2010. Among the products manufactured on the factory are 4.3L V6 and Gen IV V-8.